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Review of The Chair

"The writing is the stuff of poetry"
The Chair weaves its way into your soul before you realize it and stuns you before you even guess that the shock is coming.
‚Äč(Caleb Pirtle)
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Review of Radio Murders

"Racy, Riveting, Rewarding"
‚ÄčOnce you start this book, you won't be able to put it down. The characters are entertaining and believable. The plot takes many twists and turns. You'll be left guessing 'who done it?' until the end. Enjoy! (katykmac)

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Review of Black Phoenix

An apocalyptic thriller like no other-- I was hooked on this book from the very first page! This very real thriller paints a vivid picture of the end of days, as seen through the eyes of an American family....SUPERB. (jeffro1982)
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Kelly Marshall

Review of

6 White Roses

"A Sexy, Scary Story" 

In this second Winston/Strom novel by author Kelly Marshall, 6 WHITE ROSES will have you wondering whodunit, from the opening paragraph until the crime is solved.

(Sandra Nachlinger)

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