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Newest Murder Mystery by Kelly Marshall

Kiss the Girls and

Make Them Die

In the third book of Kelly Marshall's continuing murder mystery series about Pat Strom and Nick Winston, Seattle spawns a new serial killer who mutilates his female victims in a most personal way. Families and lovers are left to mourn while Homicide Detectives Nick Winston and Pat Strom rush to find the demented person killing their loved ones.

Other Books by Kelly Marshall

The Chair

​When widower Paul Bixby discovers Linda’s unusual fascination with highchairs, he builds an exquisite chair for her, crafting the chair with love.

Linda moves with her boss, Brad, to a different town and secretly shares a home with him. Though devastated by Linda’s choice, Paul steps aside and wishes the best for her. But is Brad the man she hoped he would be? Or is Paul’s quiet love what she needs?

6 White Roses

​It’s the call no cop wants to get: a dead child found on the shore of Seattle’s Lake Union. 

​Homicide Detectives Nick Winston and Pat Strom race to the scene to find six-year-old Emily Chatburn dressed in her Sunday best, posed perfectly like a porcelain doll. As Nick Winston zips up the body bag he vows to avenge the death of this innocent child.  6 White Roses, a new murder mystery by Kelly Marshall.

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The Radio Murders

Seattle homicide detectives Nick Winston and Pat Strom dig working together. He's straight, she's gay. In politically-liberal Seattle that's not a problem until they both find the same woman irresistible. At the center of their attention is sultry radio announcer Jasmine James. 

​A crazed fan kidnaps James while her listeners are being murdered one by one. It's up to the detectives to locate Jasmine, capture the killer and find out who gets the girl.

Black Phoenix

June 6th was a picture-perfect day in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Lynette Frichette leaves for work at The Gazette, her daughter, Dawn, catches the bus to Bill Mitchell High School and her husband, Jim, drives nails into the walls of the home he's building on Silent Rain Drive. 

​The United States is plunged into a nightmare when a fanatic Ayatollah from Iran rains nuclear terror down on American soil. Beneath the Arizona desert, a scientist conducts a grisly experiment to save the human race.

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