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Marshall in the Media!

After being named among the 50 Greatest Writers You Should Be Reading, the media is taking notice of Kelly Marshall. Click here to read newspaper article.

Book Trailer Released

Check out the trailer released promoting Marshall's latest book, Kiss The Girls and Make Them Die. Just click on the video to the left.

Kelly's NEWS Update

Kelly hits the airwaves 

Marshall's Cover Wins First Place!

Jun 2017: Kiss the Girl and Make Them Die won first place in The East Texas Writers Guild Blue Ribbon Cover Award contest in the thriller category.


Tim Hunter is a well-known media celebrity in Seattle. For a number of years, he was part of a highly successful morning team at KLSY radio.  He's currently a commercial and comedy writer and blogger. Tim interviewed Kelly for his Wacky Week Podcast. Take a listen:

Newest Murder Mystery by Kelly Marshall

Kelly has been interviewed again! This time her interview can be found in AUTHOR SHOUT - a newsletter connecting authors to readers around the world. Read the entire interview  here

Will the U.S. Survive the Iran Deal?

Talk about timely! President Barak Obama touts the new deal forged with Iran will avoid war in the Middle East. The ink has not dried on the agreement signed at the UN and already Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is shouting, "Death to America." In a few short years, Iran will have the capacity to arm intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads.  What happens when Iran rains terror down on America? It's not a question of if, but when.

Kelly Marshall’s post-apocalyptic novel, Black Phoenix, details the aftermath of nuclear devastation at the hands of Iran. June 6th is a picture-perfect day in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Lynette Frichette goes to work at THE GAZETTE. Her daughter, Dawn, catches the bus to Billy Mitchell High School, and Lynette’s husband, Jim, drives nails into the walls of the home he's building on Silent Rain Drive. Iran’s Ayatollah Amad al-Din Kajar unleashes a nuclear nightmare that will change their lives forever. Beneath the Arizona desert, an American scientist
conducts a grisly experiment that may mean the survival of the human race. Read it today! Only $3.99 on Amazon.

Kelly's Newest Book is Published!


After connecting with Larry Flanders, her high school English teacher, at a class reunion a few years ago, Kelly has written a decidedly different book from her normal salacious murder mysteries. Flanders had started the novel a number of years before and set it aside before giving The Chair to Kelly to complete.

The Chair by Kelly Marshall and Larry Flanders is a gentle romance between two middle-aged individuals. It weaves its way into your soul before you realize it and stuns you before you even guess that the shock is coming. 

Click on the cover to the left to get your copy today!

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Kelly Hits the Airwaves!

The recently interviewed Kelly about 6 White Roses. Listen to the full interview below.

5-Star Rating!

Reader's Favorite Book Review

by Julia Hopkinson

6 White Roses by Kelly Marshall is an excellent murder mystery thriller with adult themes. On the first page, the strangled body of six-year-old Emily Chatburn is found by an early morning fisherman. The case is handed to macho Detective Nick Winston and his female partner, Pat Strom. Mystery number one is clearly whodunit, but mystery number two is why did the child’s mother, Elizabeth, wait more than twelve hours after her daughter went missing to call the police; finally, where does the local reverend and overly-attentive ‘friend’ to Elizabeth, Gerald Foster, fit in, and why is Elizabeth’s ex-husband back on the scene? The story covers the detectives’ increasingly disturbing investigation, but also peeks into their steamy private lives to find out what makes each of them tick.6 White Roses grabs you from the first page, drags you into its compelling mystery, and does not let you go - I absolutely loved it. It is an intriguing, complex mystery, with engaging, sexy (and permanently horny!) lead characters in Winston and his current girlfriend, Tandy, and Strom and her partner, Carina. The story is well plotted and brilliantly executed, the tension is constantly on the rise, and the conclusion is chillingly effective. I didn’t realise straight away that this book was part of a series, but, having enjoyed this so much, I have now also downloaded Kelly Marshall’s The Radio Murders and am looking forward to getting back to Strom and Winston’s world. I sincerely hope there is more to come from this classy writer.

Kelly is named as one of the top 50!

Once again Kelly Marshall has been chosen as one of the 50 Great Authors you should be reading!

Selected from a field of hundreds of authors who appeared on The Authors (Radio) Show in 2016, Marshall's books will appear in the 2016-2017 edition of the book, "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading.Get one or all of Kelly's books today! She was also in the 2015-2016 edition.