The Radio Murders   
When I spoke with Ms. Marshall for, we talked about The Radio Murders and I learned that hosting radio shows was in her DNA. That experience shows throughout her story. Murder, however, is the theme of this book and Homicide Detectives Nick Winston and Pat Strom are a team. As opposite as two people can be, these two have a very comfortable working relationship until Jasmine (our radio show host) arouses the interest of both. Jasmine plays on both sides and Nick, the randy detective thinks he’s in love. Admitted lesbian, Pat, is also turned on by Jasmine and solving not only Jasmine’s murder, but others associated with her, becomes a challenge. These two characters are well-defined, the story is detailed, suspenseful, and (at times) hilarious. I can only hope that Ms. Marshall brings back Pat and Nick for more tales of murder and mayhem.
~ Linda Thompson, Host of 

A Rousing Read! Couldn't Put It Down! 

This is an intriguing story of obsession, kidnapping, murder, and love. The author, Ms. Marshall, is not shy when writing her sex scenes and gives explicit and exciting descriptions. Her grasp of the characters and their defects is complete. Her weaving of the love songs into the story is nothing short of brilliant. This is a tightly written book that keeps moving to the very end and I highly recommend it. - Mary Firman, author of Deadly Pleasures

​​Haunted by a Strange Obsession

The Chair is a kinder, gentler novel written by a kinder, gentler Kelly Marshall. It is not the same kind of sexy, salacious, often wild and wicked tale that usually comes from her imagination. Even the voice is softer. But the story? It weaves its way into your soul before you realize it and stuns you before you even guess that the shock is coming.

Kelly Marshall has crafted a story that is guaranteed to prick your emotions. It is one of friendship. And love. Betrayal. And anger. Throw in a little pain. It’s there, too. The one thing that ties the gauntlet of emotions together is a high chair. 

The Chair is a bittersweet love story, but definitely more sweet than bitter. Sometimes authors take another, a different kind of road when writing their novels, and The Chair is a road I’m glad that Kelly Marshall decided to take. - Cabel Pirtle, 5/18/15 5 Stars!

Chilling, sobering, and all too real
Those words came to mind while I read Kelly Marshall's Black Phoenix. Marshall's book tells the story of the aftermath through the eyes of Lynette. Lack of food and water, the threat of marauding gangs, no transportation or communication--all these issues and more are addressed in this riveting tale of human survival. Marshall's take on this scary situation is original, believable, and often gritty. However, without giving away the ending, I will say that although the story is grim, there is a glimmer of hope for mankind. - Sandra Nachlinger, 23 Feb. 2014 5 Stars!

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Music, Sex and Murder

When I started reading this book I was ready for a mildly entertaining mystery. Instead, I found myself engrossed in a story filled with music, sex, and murder. Each death appears to be connected with a popular local radio station and Jasmine James, the DJ who hosts one of the most popular late night radio shows in the city.

What starts out as a normal criminal investigation turns into a tale of obsession, betrayal, and lust vs love. As a fan of police dramas (Law and Order, NCIS etc.) I enjoyed the well written investigation BUT the DJ is why I loved this particular book. Marshall did an amazing job of incorporating music, a very unique DJ, and the radio show into the mystery.

I have already suggested this book to a few friends and recommend it to anyone who likes a great mystery that you can’t put down. - Review Fanatic

6 White Roses 
Detectives Strom and Winston are back and in fine form. Having worked out their issues over Jasmine (the sexy murder victim in The Radio Murders), they are now faced with the most haunting type of death – the murder of a beautiful child. As they dig deeper into the lives of the Emily’s family and those nearest her. Child molestation and abuse are treated with emotional intensity and you can almost feel Nick’s sense of horror that anyone could be so cruel to one so small. No Kelly Marshall mystery would be complete without a few romps in the bedroom (and elsewhere), and this one is no different. Appropriate to the overall story, these sexy escapades are believable and in good taste. Your heart breaks as the history of Emily’s short life unravels and you laugh out loud at Nick’s cowboy stunt to catch a suspect. The book wraps up with an ending fitting the tale. Will our two very different yet lovable detectives return? We can only hope.
~ Linda Thompson, Host of